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Custom Kydex Holster A custom Kydex holster made using the highest standards in craftsmanship will last many years, if not a lifetime. Kyndex is an excellent material for firearm holsters because this thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride material can take heavy use and abuse. Kyndex holsters can be made by Full Autodidact based on your specifications. Visit our website to order.   

The options for quality holsters are endless and while leather has always been the dominant holster material for decades, a new breed of carriers is making a run for its money and the hearts of holster wearers. Kydex is fast taking center stage because of its many benefits. Whether you are looking for a high quality duty, range, concealed carry, or competition holster, Kydex makes a durable option and more and more people are taking interest in custom Kydex holster for their weapons. 
Compared to its leather and nylon counterparts, Kydex as a material is a lot thinner, more lightweight, yet exceptionally strong. A custom Kydex holster will also retain its shape for longer, even with regular wear. The material also offers water proof characteristics, is washable, and resists damage, because Kydex never rots. It requires little to no maintenance and is highly flexible, which means endless custom options for those who have discerning tastes in their gun carrier. 
If you are in the market for comfortable gun holsters, FAD Holsters is the best place to turn to, offering an entire range of Kydex gun carrier designs, attachment options, and models for a wide array of handgun types. FAD Holsters offer the best quality holstex, kydex, and boltaron carriers, all designed for comfortable ride, excellent concealment, and lifetime durability.
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