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Glock 19 Holster Are you looking for a durable Glock 19 holster? You will find it at Full Autodidact. We offer a wide range of expertly crafted holsters that will give you many years of use. Shop online via our website or call (425)785-5369. Unlike large holster manufacturers, we remain small and committed to excellent craftsmanship and superior customer service.   

The Glock pistol or Glock Safe-Action pistol, as it is referred to by its manufacturer, is a popular short recoil-operated, polymer-framed, and locked-breech series of semi-automatic pistols, which first entered the Austrian police and military service in the early 1980s. Even though the market took a while to accept this "plastic gun" because of its reliability, security, and durability concerns (people feared its "invisibility" to metal detectors), Glock pistols remains a thriving line, now used in various law enforcement, armed forces, and security agencies across the globe. Glocks are also very popular with civilians who use them for recreational and competition shooting, as well as home and self defense. Whether you are for concealed or open carry, you need a proper Glock 19 holster for your trusty pistol.
The Glock 19 pistol is a popular variant in the series, popularly referred to as the "Compact." Primarily used for law enforcement and military purposes, this particular model has shorter barrel and pistol grip compared to the original Glock 17 model. It uses a magazine with a 15-round standard capacity and features the same slide design to preserve the efficiency and reliability of the short recoil system. Because of its compact configuration, this Glock model requires the right holster, tailored to fit its more concealable design.
When it the market for a Glock 19 holster, check out trusted names like FAD Holsters, which is a popular go-to place for arms enthusiasts. FAD Holsters offers a wide range of pre-made and customizable holsters at the most reasonable rates in the market.
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