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Glock 23 Holster A good Glock 23 holster will offer protection to the gun, secure retention, and allow ready access. If you are looking for expertly made defensive weapon holsters, visit the Full Autodidact website. Check out our selection of Glock 23 holsters and order direct. We also customize designs as necessary. Call us at (425)785-5369 for more information.   

Every pistol deserves a special home, whether it be in a gun safe or around your waist. Whether you are a fan of concealed or open carry, it is important to find the proper carrier with a comfortable ride and an efficient design for your favorite pistol. Even though your Glock 23 is dimensionally identical to the "Compact" Glock 19, it uses a modified slide and frame and is slightly heavier. These design variations merit special treatment, especially when picking out the right carrier for your unit. Here are some things you should consider when buying a Glock 23 holster:
Holster type is one of the first things you should know about when shopping for a gun carrier. Hip holsters are popular and easy to conceal and so are IWB or inside the waistband holsters, which can be worn inside your pants and attached to your belt using hooks or loops. Other fancier types of holsters you can consider include crossdraws, fanny packs, pocket, ankle, and paddle holsters, each with their own degree of practicality.
Holster material should also be a major consideration when shopping for your Glock 23 holster. Leather is a popular choice, as well as other synthetic materials like kydex and nylon. 
You may also decide to buy a pre-manufactured holster or enjoy the benefits of custom-made carriers, both of which are available at FAD Holsters. FAD holsters provide you with custom and pre-made holster models that are made to last a lifetime. 
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