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Glock 30s Holster Using the wrong holster can result in serious injuries. This is why you need a well-designed Glock 30s holster for your pistol. Full Autodidact manufactures Glock 30s holsters using the most durable materials and the highest quality craftsmanship. Buy our holsters online through our website. If you need assistance, you can also call (425)785-5369.  

The Glock 30 series features .45 ACP versions of the earlier subcompact Glock 29. Guns in this line comes in either the Glock 30SF or the GLock 30S version, each with a standard magazine capacity of up to 10 rounds. However, both will also receive factory magazine from the Glock 21 version, which has a capacity of up to 13 rounds. The Glock 30SF uses a Short Frame system, based around the standard G30 frame with the same width. This reduces trigger rich by 2.5 mm from the back of the grip. The Glock 30S on the other hand, for which you will need the appropriate Glock 30s holster, features a thin slide (slim line slide) like that of the G36, on top of a short frame and a double-stack magazine. Concealing a Glock 30 series pistol requires the appropriate holster that will give you security, access, and proper concealment.
When shopping for a Glock 30s holster, be sure to tick all of these boxes, otherwise you won't get the same confidence that comes from a secure carrier for fear of accidental slips. Choose a gun holster that will keep your gun comfortably in place regardless of your activity. At FAD Holsters, you will find an entire collection of high-grade leather, kydex, and other superior quality holsters for different types and models of guns. FAD Holsters is a trusted name among concealed and open gun carriers, offering you a wide range of custom and pre-manufactured options when it comes to pistol holsters. 
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