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Kydex Holsters If you’re a responsible gun owner, then you should invest in a high quality holsters to protect your gun as well as yourself and everyone around you. Well made Kyndex holsters are available at Full Autodidact. We offer a wide style and color selection as well as customization options. You can order direct via our website.  

Gun owners have varying preferences when it comes to holster material. While some are loyal to their horsehide leather carriers, others stand by the many benefits of owning kydex holsters. The synthetic material offers a great deal of advantages and can be considered better than leather in many aspects. Kydex, for instance, is a lot more impervious to elements. It is less sensitive to humidity and moisture, and is highly waterproof, unlike leather, which retains water when soaked. A wet/moist pistol has greater propensity to rust. 
Because kydex holsters are highly resistant to the elements, they rarely get dirty and when they do, they are very easy to clean. Dirt and grime also doesn't accumulate as much inside the holster and cleaning is as easy as washing the holster with some soap and water, unlike leather, which requires rigorous maintenance. Kydex is also a very rigid material, which means it can retain its shape longer even when subjected to pressure and force. Holsters made out of this thin, lightweight material also make concealment easier as they can be tucked in much closer to the body. 
FAD Holsters is an excellent resource if you are looking for superior-quality gun holsters. The company specializes in holsters and carriers made out of kydex, leather, and many other types of durable and high-grade materials. FAD Holsters is the best place to turn to if you are in need of brand name and custom made gun holsters.
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