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Full AutoDidact, LLC is a holster and accessory company, specializing in the use of kydex, holstex, and boltaron, based out of beautiful Westminster, Colorado. The company was formed mid-2014 and is operated by a single member, keeping communication and quality consistent at all times.  WE CURRENTLY HAVE THE MOST CUSTOMIZABLE AND FASTEST SHIPPING CUSTOM KYDEX HOLSTERS IN THE INDUSTRY.

Originally conceived with a former Army RSTA Sniper Section leader, Full AutoDidact was designed to create high-end military level products, combined with an aesthetic touch and a full array of customizable offerings. This idea lives on today, as FAD products are built to fit your personality and withstand a lifetime of abuse, no matter where or how you carry them.

I strive to create a product that will surpass all expectations you have for it, so if you ever have an issue with a purchase, send the item to me, and I will make whatever adjustments are necessary for you.

What Does Our Logo Mean?

The Full AutoDidact Logo was created as an homage to the friends my former partner lost during his time abroad as an Army RSTA Sniper Section Leader. It is based off the ancient Viking symbol, the Valknut, harkening back to my Norse blood.  I recognize the Valknut as the "Knot of the Fallen," a representation of those warriors who have been taken from the field of battle, and a symbol of Valhalla itself, the gloried home of these soldiers. I have adapted the logo to incorporate the company letters, but I maintain the respect and honor intended from the original. May these great warriors stand beside Odin for eternity.  

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